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Library Policies

  • Book Checkout period = 2 weeks
  • Books-on-tape = 2 weeks
  • Magazines = 1 week
  • Videos = 1 week
  • Music CD's = 1 week

Books may be renewed twice, by phone (588-3333) or in person.

Overdue fines = 10 cents per day, per item.

Replacement cost for lost or damaged items is current retail price.

Library Building Rules:

  • No Pets
  • No Smoking
  • No Food/Drink (Except in Woman's Club Room)

Use of Library & Woman's Club Rooms... The library and children's room may not be used for meetings, parties, etc.  The Woman's Club Rooms may be rented at $10 per day, for adult functions only (no children's parties, 4-H meetings, etc.)  The club rooms may be reserved through the librarian.

Computer Use Policies: A Computer Use Policy is posted at each computer.  Patrons are required to sign a computer use log each time they access the Internet.  Students age 10 - 18 may use the filtered computers without adult supervision.  Children under age 10, must be accompanied by an adult.

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